V1 vs V2 Motor Mount

within the past 72 hours, i was notified by X-Power that items (some foam racing wheels and radical black motors) would not be included in m [...]

Dish wheels for dNano?

i’ve just received word from my Kyosho distributor that DNW108, X-Speed Motor for dNano has been discontinued and replaced by DNW114 E [...]

Incoming Stock March 2014

below is a list of items arriving from X-Power in March 2014. if you place a new order or have a pending order with any of these items inclu [...]

Circuit Location?

if you’ve been following our social media pages, then you’ll know we now have a dNano circuit for our racing club.  Nanotrax In [...]

Arriving Stock, Feb 2014

the list below contains all Kyosho items arriving within the next 5-7 days, we will place an order for X-Power items in early February with [...]

Good News, Bad News

first, the bad:  in late november 2013, we announced that several aftermarket items for dNano would be made available again depending on de [...]

Type 1 vs Type 2

the ‘original’ dnano chassis had a simple battery cover that was designed with the gyro sitting more towards the front end of th [...]

State Of dNano

as promised, i have contacted Kyosho and after a few days, i’ve received a reply and true to their word, Kyosho’s stance on dNan [...]

e-Mail & Coupons

we know that you receive lots of e-mails, many unsolicited and this can be annoying. Kyosho dNano fans will maintain a ‘no contact wit [...]

Micro Aero

this model is tiny so how can aerodynamics be a factor in it’s performance? contrary to the general assumption, drag is a greater fact [...]

In Stock for The Holidays

looking for an IC Tag Lap Counter? we”ve got a couple in stock and available for the holiday season.  check out our accessories secti [...]

Shipping Policies

Flat Rate we like to keep things simple while doing our best to give you the best value when you buy here.  with this in mind, we keep ship [...]
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